Grandmother’s Tales on Fevers and Colds!


Hello everyone! this is a post I wrote this week for Woman This Month Magazine. I hope you enjoy it.


Few days ago, we had an unwanted guest in our house. A guest who will send your body into a fighting mode, and leaves you pretty much powerless. This unwanted guest usually targets the little ones, because… well their bodies aren’t equipped enough for a great fight. Ladies and Gentlemen, yes I am talking about: Fever!! The only thing that can put my little one down, straps him into a chair, and make him lose all kind of desire to move, walk, eat, or even play. Usually my go to in this case is: Vinegar! Oh don’t frown yet, there is more to that lol!

So Whenever fever visits our household, I get my vinegar out, soak some socks in it, and put them on whoever is sick. The whole house will stink, yes! The sofas, the chairs, the floor, but it is totally worth it. In exactly 15 minutes, the fever starts going down and you can totally see the difference in the behavior of the unlucky one who’s got the fever. If you are waiting for me to explain this vinegar phenomenon scientifically, then please don’t waste your time, I have no logical explanation for that, it is simply something my grandmother did, and so did my mother, and here I am doing the same thing, no questions asked! Whether it is apple cider vinegar, or just white vinegar, they all get the job done.


I also use potatoes! Yes, that’s right just plain raw potatoes, cut them and put them inside the socks, or on the patient’s back, stomach, arms and legs. Its capacity of sucking the heat is incomparable!


Then I move to rose water! A true gift! I soak up a towel in it, and puts it on the forehead, neck, and face, at least this doesn’t smell as bad as the vinegar!


All the above is for topical use only, so in order to help the body produce more antibodies, we will have to supply the body with remedies that will be administered orally, move into the bloodstream, and benefit the whole system. My number one go to is: SOUP! I literally fill my pot with onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, fennel, celery, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and anything else I have in my fridge, and make a soup! It’s always absolutely delicious and filled with tons of good stuff that will strengthen your immune system.


Lemon and Manuka honey: I always swear by this! It is unbelievably good. No matter what you are complaining from, this remedy is always great!  Manuka honey (just like garlic) is a natural antibiotic, so why go for the synthetic version when you have the real deal?


Drinking tons of fluids, and of course I don’t mean coffee and coke, but I mean water, fresh juices, and whatever will keep your body hydrated. My favorite drink is: Orange juice, mixed with grapefruit juice, 1 spoon of manuka honey, pink Himalayan salt, and water. It is the ultimate drink that will replenish the electrolytes in your body, since with fever the body tends to get dehydrated easily. Electrolytes are certain nutrients that regulate your heartbeats, they also carry an electric charge in the body that is essential for life


The last thing I always make sure I do, is REST! Now that’s not so easy when we are talking about a 3 years old toddler, but at least we try right? The body is working so hard fighting some little intruders, and that’s more that enough. We shouldn’t add more pressure on it.


Since my son was born, three and a half years ago, our household has become medication free, meaning that we never use conventional medicine. We only use nature’s wealth, and make use of all its precious gifts.


The human body is miraculous, it is designed to have its own army to defend and attack any foreign bodies trying to make their ways into you aka: the immune system! Funny enough, the only way your immune system will flourish is by having more fights and with dealing with different kind of viruses, bacteria…etc. Every time it gets stronger and familiar with each type of foreign bodies. However, if every time you are getting sick you are using synthetic antibodies, prescribed by a doctor, instead of your own antibodies made by your own body, then the immune system will get weaker and weaker by the day. It is like a piece of electronic that you bought but never use, it will just sit there collect the dust and one day it will stop working.


Now don’t get me wrong folks, I am not saying suffer in silence, and kill yourself, all I am saying is use all the resources you have! Use what mother nature has gifted us with, but also use the science and all what the new technology has to offer, when needed.


Ouiam xx