Prenatal + Birth + Postpartum


3 prenatal classes where we cover everything about pregnancy and labor. About what is going on with your body, hormones, C-section, epidural, breastfeeding, self-care, infant care, breathing and pain management techniques.

Support at Birth: Offering Support to both parents. Guiding mom through contractions, making sure births plans are followed.

Postpartum Visit: Making sure everyone is well. Guiding new mama through her breastfeeding journey, offering tips on infant/ baby sleep training.




One Prenatal Class to cover breathing and pain management techniques.

Support during birth, guiding new mama through contractions, following the birth plan.


Postpartum Visits


Home visits to make sure new mama is well, Helping with baby, breastfeeding and sleep training.



Tai Chi / QiGong during Pregnancy 

Home sessions to benefit from the great breathing techniques those two arts have to offer.



Nutrition guidance through pregnancy and beyond.



Packages can be altered to fit every family’s needs.