My name is Ouiam El Hassani, wife, mother, Montessori teacher, Tai Chi & Qigong teacher, Nutritionist, Certified trained Doula and founder of Rainbows & Unicorns Doula Services.


When I gave birth to my son, I realized that our society doesn’t treat pregnancy and childbirth the way it should. We are all under the impression that giving birth is an easy and simple task, that all women should go through, just because they have the right organs for it, and because many many many women have done it before. Somehow the sacredness and complexity of the process has faded and that is something I can never wrap my head around.  My own birth experience was one that has changed my life and has shaped me into the person I have become today, and since then, helping women in the journey of creating life has become my passion …. So I look forward to welcoming you to your own rebirth while you give life to a chunk of your heart and soul.