Welcome to Rainbows & Unicorns Doula Services! You have landed in a sacred place where women are goddesses and their bodies are holy temples. Adding a new human being to this world is a magical experience, and should be honored and cherished. Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or already holding that little miracle in your arms, we are here to mother the mother. We provide you with all the knowledge, education, guidance and emotional support you need. We walk alongside you throughout this journey with love and respect to your needs and wishes.


And because it takes two to plant the seed of love, we- at Rainbows & Unicorns Doula Services–  help spouses embrace the grandness of the experience, we provide them with the tools they need to be all what the birthing mother desires.


With love, light, and positivity, we invite you to check our services, and remember we are always here for you.


Ouiam El Hassani